2015-06-16 23:21

Do what you love? - It's like the most about them. By profession English major, with a taste stylist. It has always attracted them to the language, but even then, as tedious English class, bazgroliły on the margins of notebooks feminine silhouettes in various guises .... then came the time for blocks (not to be confused with blogs, because in those days no one has ever heard of of their existence :)), where the parties overlap drawings in a surprising pace. Real test, however, turned out to materialize the products of his own imagination. There were several dresses "on special occasions", a loose blouse and a leather vest with tassels personally cut that particularly appealed to friends. An additional advantage of the situation was that thanks to the family-run sewing girls could podpatrzeć something of a tailoring craftsmanship. Courage enough to realize several experimental projects at the request of colleagues. There were no complaints;) Sewing on request? - It was a challenge! At the persuasion of friends and family support they dared to take the first small step in the big world of fashion. And so it began ... Today, Angelika and Magda trying to pursue a passion for combining it with work. Their visions offer you the newly opened shop under the name grateful. And it's all because I firmly believe that it is worth to realize dreams.

Viewing newly open store by two sisters under the name

The shop is designed for women who appreciate class and level.

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